Malformed password message: invalid payload

Hi, I am trying to convert my Phoenix web application from my previous Azure hosted database to Neon. I created a project and new user, reset the password, and copied over the credentials (hostname, database, user, password) into my application configuration. However, any attempt to connect to the database fails with the message CXX000: Malformed password message: invalid payload

I am assuming this is an error returned by Neon because googling for “Malformed password message” returns 0 results.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


Indeed, this is a proxy error. And it looks as a bug to me.

I guess that your client library doesn’t support SNI. So we cannot route your connection to the proper compute node. Our proxy has a workaround (not sure it’s documented already), when you can put routing information (project_id) into password connection option encoded in a special way, but it seems that it doesn’t properly handle all errors in a friendly way.

And it seems that there is an issue for that and PR already. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon

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