Hosting in other AWS regions

Just got access to my Neon account (thanks btw!).

Is it possible currently (or on the roadmap) to be able to configure the AWS region your instance is hosted in? Currently it defaults to US West (Oregon) but I’m keen to host it closer to my customers :slight_smile:


Hi, Futurebenmorris,

This is on the roadmap and we plan to launch a region in Europe in September.
Is there a specific region that you’re looking for?

Thank youm

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I’d love this to be in ap-southeast-2.

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eu-west-2 Would be ideal. Great to hear it’s on the roadmap!


We are planning for eu-central-1 as eu-west-2 won’t be a good fit for users requiring their data to be within the EU.

As for a region in APAC, that will probably follow shortly after.


Totally understand the EU side of things here. Keen to host in the UK so let me know when Neon goes fully multi region!

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would like to have it in ap-southeast-1, Is that on the roadmap?

Yes, ap-southeast-1 (Singapore) is currently planned to be the first APAC region for Neon.

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