Hosting in other AWS regions

Lack of ap-southeast-2 is preventing us from investing in Neon.


I recently worked on a project for a Brazilian company that required the database to be there because of LGPD (Brazil’s equivalent of GDPR) and because of that I couldn’t use Neon. So having support for sa-east-1 would be amazing.

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Support for me-central-1 please! :raised_hands:

I’d like to switch to neon as our db, but due to legislation our data can only be in Australia, thus it would be great if the ap-southeast-2 region could be supported


Hey folks, it would be nice to have eu-west-2 (Ireland) as this is the Heroku EU apps region. This blocks us from migrating our Heroku apps.

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Another voice for ap-southeast-2 - without support for that region, we can’t use Neon


Even if it was exclusive to Vercel Postgres, we’d really like ap-southeast-2.

Been playing with it in some workflows where we don’t need data sovereignty and it’s been working very well. Would love to use it more but can’t until we have servers in Australia.


+1 for ap-southeast-2 - same as many above, love neon but need Australian data sovereignty/residency.


+1 for sa-east-1. This is crucial for us due to LGPT (GDPR equivalent in Brazil) and our Enterprise customers compliance.

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Waiting for ap-south-1 region support.

ca-central-1 please :slight_smile:
Canada can also sometimes help meet data residency rules as a sort of middle ground

Sydney ap-southeast-2 would be awesome as we would love to use your product but our data must be hosted in Australia.


+1 for ap-southeast-2


+1 for more Europe regions:

  • London (eu-west-2)
  • Ireland (eu-west-1)

We’re keen to adopt Neon but right now this is a blocker for us so we’re going with Supabase

+1 for the London (eu-west-2) :face_with_monocle::uk::pound:

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+1 for Australian hosting options. We have strict data privacy expectations / regulations with customers down here as other commenters have mentioned.


+1 for ap-south-1 India

+1 for a japanese region please! I love the concept, and should this become available, i’d be very much excited!


South america would be great. Also, probably this isn’t something in your plans, but google has regions that aws doesn’t. For example there is a south america east (santiago) that would be great to have.

Hongkong (ap-east-1) is the most frequently used region in Asia, please support it!