Getting started self-hosting Neon


I signed up for Neon cloud service, but the free tier is a bit too limiting for me. Instead, I would like to self-host Neon on an Ubuntu Linux VM.

I am not currently planning to use the Kubernetes Helm Chart, although it’s convenient to have that as an option. Rather, I am planning to use Docker with Docker Compose to deploy the Neon environment.

I couldn’t find any documentation about getting started with a self-hosted deployment. However, I did notice that there’s a Docker Compose folder at the root of the project.

  • Are there any special directions to deploy this stack?
  • Is it as simple as cd into the docker-compose directory and run docker-compose up --detach?
  • What customization options should I be aware of in the Docker Compose deployment?
  • If I already have Minio running separately, can I just point to that server? How?

I’m excited to play with Neon more, and am planning to create some video training covering it! Thanks!

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Hey, it’d be really nice if we could have some docs for how to self-hosting Neon.

There is this page Can Neon be Self-hosted?.
At the very minimum, it misses docs on how to set up safekeepers (to upload WAL files to the cloud), as far as I’m concerned.