Getting started self-hosting Neon


I signed up for Neon cloud service, but the free tier is a bit too limiting for me. Instead, I would like to self-host Neon on an Ubuntu Linux VM.

I am not currently planning to use the Kubernetes Helm Chart, although it’s convenient to have that as an option. Rather, I am planning to use Docker with Docker Compose to deploy the Neon environment.

I couldn’t find any documentation about getting started with a self-hosted deployment. However, I did notice that there’s a Docker Compose folder at the root of the project.

  • Are there any special directions to deploy this stack?
  • Is it as simple as cd into the docker-compose directory and run docker-compose up --detach?
  • What customization options should I be aware of in the Docker Compose deployment?
  • If I already have Minio running separately, can I just point to that server? How?

I’m excited to play with Neon more, and am planning to create some video training covering it! Thanks!

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Hey, it’d be really nice if we could have some docs for how to self-hosting Neon.

There is this page Can Neon be Self-hosted?.
At the very minimum, it misses docs on how to set up safekeepers (to upload WAL files to the cloud), as far as I’m concerned.

I want to try self host as well.

I have put together a helm chart for deploying neon on k8s. GitHub - itsbalamurali/neon-helm: Neon serverless Postgres database helm chart Please feel free to contribute.


Hi Panranki,
Can we deploy these charts on k3s? or is it an AWS deployment?
Will be happy to start contributing

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