Where to find connection info for Neon database created with Hasura?

Hello, I am new to Hasura.io and new to Neon.tech so please bear with me. I just signed up for a free Hasura trial, and as part of that process I was able to create, connect, and configure a Neon PostgreSQL database in Hasura. I like to use a database management tool called TablePlus, and wanted to connect it to the Neon database, but since it was created and connected to by Hasura, I can’t seem to find the connection information that I need to connect TablePlus to my Neon database. (See image URL below) Thanks in advance for any assistance with this!


Hey @fireraven!

You can find the database connection details by logging into the Neon console. You can check out our guide on how to connect from a GUI: Connect a GUI or IDE — Neon Docs.

It should work with TablePlus. Let me know if you run into any issues :smile:

Thanks! All good now… :slight_smile: