When will Neon be available?

When will Neon be available for production? We are trying to figure out whether it fits our timeline for a db transition we are planning. At least any rough idea?
Any idea what the cost will be?
It’s really important for us to get at least a rough idea in order to evaluate it.


This is definitely welcome information. We also want to use neon within the near future. Just knowing when you’ll be making that transition will help a lot with planning.

Any official reply? It doens’t seem that promising not answering to the community questions for more than a month nor having a way to contact the team directly.

Hi @perrosnk,

I’m on the PM team over here at Neon. Apologies for the delayed response.

We will be launching paid plans towards the end of this quarter (Q1). In terms of pricing, we are finalizing our plans/pricing and are actively engaging with members of the community to get their feedback. If you follow up with feedback@neon.tech I would be happy to chat with you about pricing!

In terms of being “available for production” we already have a number of users using Neon as their production database. This ranges from solo devs to mid sized insurers. Whether or not Neon fits your qualification for readiness is a function of your specific needs. In some cases, your/ other users requirements will not be available when we launch paid plans. Feel free to respond here with any specific criteria you would need to feel comfortable using Neon as your production database or you can send us an email at feedback@neon.tech.

Thank you for your questions and once again apologies for the delayed response!

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