What type of project/projects are you using Neon for?

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I’m using Neon for a video streaming iOS app and am storing all the video and user related data on Postgres. On top of Neon I use Hasura for the instant GraphQL API that it provides.

I use Neon for my new app Apricot, which helps users to follow content subscriptions in a centralized place without the flood of email notifications and with a “social media-style” UI.

I am building Repro, a tool for replayable bug reports in the browser. All of the session recordings are saved in Postgres.

I recently migrated to Neon to create a cost-effective, fully serverless deployment (the rest of the app runs on Google Cloud Run). I also chose Neon to take advantage of branches for preview environments. On every single Pull Request, the whole app (frontend, backend and database) is deployed for effortless QA during development and code review.