Vercel integration, automatic branching for GitLab repos?

Hello there! We have a Vercel project using a GitLab repository. Are there any plans to add automatic branching for GitLab repos, similar to what is already in place for Vercel+GitHub projects?

We are trying to decide if we should move our project over to GitHub for now and benefit from this integration, rather than setting up and maintaining custom ci jobs in GitLab.

Loving the platform so far!

Thank you for the question. Automatic branching for GitLab is not available currently. We do provide an API and will soon support a CLI that you could look at using with GitLab CI/CD to create branches automatically. Here’s a link to our Neon API: Get started with the Neon API.

Let us know what direction you take. We would be interested in hearing about it.

Hey there! The Vercel integration now supports GitLab and BitBucket.

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