TimescaleDB support

Het all loving the offering! Any chance for TimescaleDB extension support?

It would be great to see a timeseries option for Neon :slight_smile:


I agree, currently I’m using Supabase and timescaledb.


We’ve some incompatibilities with this extension in PG14. After updating Postgres to 14.7 (the patch we need was backported ), we’ll try to compile it again.


+1 to TimescaleDB support! Would be great to see it added. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It will be shipped really soon. The main thing is that we will support only the feature subset that Timescale DB packed under Apache 2 license.

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Hey everyone.

We added the support of TimescaleDB extension. But, to comply with the license, we support only the features subset distributed under Apache 2 license.

The difference between versions is described here.


Hey @vadim2404, that’s great!

I’d like to migrate my self-hosted TimescaleDB Community Edition to Neon; but I really need the features of the community edition.

Is there a chance that it’ll “just work” if I install the community edition extension?

Do you mean self-hosted Neon or https://console.neon.tech? If you’re talking about self-hosted, I guess it’s needed to be tested. I didn’t do it. If you’re talking about the cloud version of Neon, we can’t support the community edition because of license limitations. Timescaledb doesn’t allow using this extension in cloud providers.

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I was thinking about https://console.neon.tech :eyes:

Too bad, at least, I get comfort in knowing that self-hosted Neon+full TimescaleDB might work if I’m adventurous enough :smiley:


But, unfortunately, we can’t provide such capability. Only features under the Apache-2 license are available.

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Has anyone attempted this on the self-hosted version?