Support for v0.1.3 of pgx_ulid

Hello, I’d like to request a version update of pgx_ulid.

The extension was lacking a commutator operator for JOIN operations on the ulid type until recently. This was fixed in 0.1.2 (but 0.1.3 is out now), while Neon still runs 0.1.0

(context: Facing issues with JOIN operation. · Issue #21 · pksunkara/pgx_ulid · GitHub and consider adding hash operator and commutator · Issue #13 · pksunkara/pgx_ulid · GitHub)

Hey @junlarsen, I’ll share your feedback with the team

Hey @junlarsen, the extension has been updated to the latest version (0.1.3) :smile:

Thanks a lot! The release note link gives a 500 error and “SELECT * FROM pg_available_extensions” still gives 0.1.0, but I’m guessing we just have to wait a bit

Please pardon the broken link. The release note we went out a little early. It was pulled and reposted a few days later: Storage and Compute release Oct 09, 2023 - Neon

The extension update is now available: