Support for postgres_fdw extension

Would love support for postgres_fdw. It’s particularly useful when building new systems that still need to join queries to data in legacy systems (like some new customers of Neon may be doing :wink:).

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Thanks @net for your feedback. There is an open issue regarding postgres_fdw support: Epic: Support `dblink`, `http`, and `postgres_fdw` extensions · Issue #3720 · neondatabase/neon · GitHub


What is the recommended method to migrate tables from other postgres databases without the availability of a postgres_fdw.

Current use case is a stress test to compare the neon performance against our self managed postgres database.

\copy large tables into CSV first and then \copy the csv back into a new table seems a little cumbersome to get started with this.

Hi @dbauszus-glx,

Have you tried using pg_dump with pg_restore?
Here is a link to the guide tot migrate using pg_dumb with pg_restore.

Please let me know if this helps.

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Thanks that was just what I was looking for. Will give this a try now and let you know whether this worked.

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