Support for pgroonga extension

Neon should support PGroonga extensions as they revolutionize PostgreSQL’s capabilities.

PGroonga leverages the powerful Groonga engine for super-fast full-text search in all languages, a feature not natively supported by PostgreSQL.

It also uniquely enables full-text search within JSON data, outperforming built-in PostgreSQL options.

By embracing PGroonga, Neon can offer enhanced search capabilities to PostgreSQL users across the board.

Hey @divndev, welcome!

I’ll share your feedback with the team :smile:

Hey @divndev :wave:

This extension does not use Postgres’ storage and resource managers for permanent storage of the index, so unfortunately this is not an extension we can support with our architecture.

Damn, we were also hoping to get support for pgroonga

Maybe: Support for pg_bm25 - #5 by philippemnoel ?