Support for pgjwt extension

hi there!

i’m curious if we could add the pgjwt extension to the cloud-hosted version of Neon? we’re exploring what it would take to migrate some of our functionality that’s currently implemented in a Supabase instance to Neon without having to remove our current dependence on pgjwt. would this be possible?

thank you!

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As I see, pgjwt is a wrapper around pgcrypto functions. All of them are written in pure pgplsql.
Even before we install this extension, you can create such functions from the SQL files present in the repo.

One concern regarding this extension is that there are no published tags, and only the master branch is present. And it’s not only my concern (Make a release · Issue #5 · michelp/pgjwt · GitHub).

Nonetheless, I’ve created the issue in our GitHub — Install `pgjwt` extension · Issue #3599 · neondatabase/neon · GitHub.


We’ve already released the support of the pgjwt extension. It’s publicly available in all regions.

Thanks for your request.