Sudden Connection Issues with Cloudflare Worker & Neon Serverless

I have a neon serverless implementation that was up and running in production mode. It has a Cloudflare worker acting as the go-between for my client and the db - posting and fetching etc. My tool went down today and my error logs are showing “Connection terminated unexpectedly.” I have attached a screenshot of one of the query routes in question.

Have there been any recent changes that may have caused this connection issue? Is there a different way to accomplish this query that I’m missing? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

I’m seeing this too!

The public example is also down:

@Nick_Randall @relero90 Sorry to hear that you’re running into an issue, we’re looking into it

What version are you using? Can you please check against the latest version of npm package?

I’m on the latest version: 0.2.8

Can you plese check now? It should be back online

And sorry for causing a trouble. We were considering serverless driver as a “beta” and put some notices about it, but now reading README page in the repo again I don’t think we ever explained what beta means there. Closer to the end of the months we want to properly release serverless driver (which in this context will mean that are closely monitor it’s availability).

I am also on the latest version. It does seem to be working again. Thank you.