Status replication and CDC support

Neon looks very interesting and promising. We are working on a project where Neno could be very interesting to use. But we will need a way to get changes out. What is the status on CDC and logical replication?

I see there is some work going on here: Logical replication by knizhnik · Pull Request #5271 · neondatabase/neon · GitHub

Correct, we’ve just started working on enabling logical replication. Postgres logical replication maintains a bunch of files outside of the database, so that is some amount of bookkeeping to get it working in a model with a stateless postgres compute node.

We hope to see it in a preview in about a month.

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A follow up question. Will logical replication in Neon be compatible with Postgres publications? If I are subscribed to a publication on a postgres database today can I then change it to a Neon database?