Simple queries take from 3 to 10 seconds to resolve

Hi, I’ve setup a Prisma client with neon Postgres database. Currently on free tier.
I only have few records in the DB. And the structure is pretty simple.
However, when I query something from DB - each query takes at least 3+ seconds. The simplest queries like findMany in a table with just 1 entity. And may take up to 10 seconds. I thought it could be some cold-start issue. But even running several consecutive queries results in similar behaviour where each query takes extremely long.
What could be the reason? Is it expected?

Hi @Daniil_Baunov ,
I’m sorry to hear about your issues using Neon.

Is this happening in your development environment?

This behavior is not expected. Can you please share your project id with our support team at

Yes, happening in dev environment. Ok, will email to support. Thanks