Shared compute between databases

I’m considering moving my company to Neon but I’m having trouble understanding one concept of the compute.

Essentially what I want is the ability to run multiple databases (main branch) on the same compute resources. I’m fine if the branches run on different compute resources but I have a single-tenant application where each client needs their own database isolated (access, not resources). My company is B2B so I have few clients and their workloads are spiky and do not overlap so being able to share compute resources would be massively beneficial. It would allow us to buy even more “server” that each client could use when they need it instead of having to pay per-database (like we currently do on PlanetScale).

Is this possible with Neon? Based on playing around in the dashboard and some stuff I read in the docs it seems like this is the case but I wanted confirmation.

Hey @joshstrange, welcome!

There is no limit on the number of databases you can create in a given Neon project, so you can create a database per customer. These databases will share the same compute resources.

You will need to make sure that the size of your project’s compute can meet the total amount of workload across all databases. It’s also important to note that the project compute will scale down to zero only if there is no activity across all databases.

Let me know if you have any other questions :smile:

Thank you, that perfectly answers my questions. I’m excited to get started with Neon, feels like a perfect fit for what I’ve built.