Sequelize and Neon ECONNREFUS

Hi !

I am working on a Node.js project with Sequelize as the ORM. When I start my project locally on my machine, I am able to connect to the Neon database.

However, on the production version of my app, I encounter an error: {"status":"error","statusCode":500,"message":"Error: connect ECONNREFUSED"}

I deployed my backend on O2 Switch and also and a Ni Host VPS, I can connect to the dtabase from the app hosted on VPS but impossible from O2 Switch.

Of course My client need to use the one is on O2 Switch :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

For future readers, from our conversations, it looks like 02 is, for some reason, is using port 5432 (a well known port for postgres) and this ends up creating a conflict.