Schema Storage to Compute Recommendations

With compute and storage being separated, would using schema for multi-tenancy become non-issue with Neon?

Multitenant requirements meaning 1 account can have gigs of data and others are less and in theory it shouldn’t really affect the other tenants. Is this a valid assumption?


Hey @altlimit.

You’re talking about a noisy neighbor problem.

We’re not an exception here because we’re building a multi-tenant setup. But what do we have? We’re storing data in cold storage (S3) and downloading data layers only if you touch it and evict layers when you stop working with them.

Another option is to move tenants between nodes if we are approaching the end of capacity in our storage nodes (because all the data is stored in cold storage).

It means that from an architectural standpoint, we have keys to how to avoid and prevent the noisy neighbor problem.

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