Scaling Stats to better estimate load

It’d be great to see how the DB is scaling as well as a glance of a usage trend. This will come in handy when pricing is revealed. Thanks!

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Hi, @RicardoViteriR ,

Giving Neon users access to performance and usage insights are indeed on our roadmap. We’re looking to release the first features in the ares in Q4 this year.

Understanding the use cases of our users is important for us at Neon. What kind of data are you looking for? What are the must haves and the nice to haves for you in this area? What are the visualizations & data format requirements, if any?

Thank you,

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Hi @anna.stepanyan,

On the one hand data that can help us understand and forecast the cost to move all our Postgres workloads to Neon would be excellent, and on the other, data that can help us be more efficient with our workloads would also be very helpful.



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