Rajiv: Neon DB Query Executor

Hey everyone!

I’m Rajiv, an SDE 1, who graduated in 2022. As a software developer passionate about exploring new technologies, I couldn’t resist diving into Neon Database. Let me tell you, it’s absolutely fantastic. The range of features and capabilities it offers is truly impressive.

During my exploration of Neon, I felt inspired to create a project that showcases its potential. Introducing Neon DB Query Executor, a simple Go application I developed. This lightweight tool allows you to execute SQL queries stored in files against a Neon database seamlessly.

If you’re interested in checking out the project, feel free to visit the GitHub repository: Neon DB Query Executor. I’ve put considerable effort into documenting the code and creating a detailed README, making it easy for others to understand and utilize.

Additionally, I’m currently working on a blog post that delves into the exceptional capabilities of Neon Database, while also discussing the development journey behind the Neon DB Query Executor project.


Very cool, Rajiv! Very easy to configure and run.

Thank you, @Daniel, for testing my project.

I am currently working on enhancing its performance, specifically in optimizing the query performance. However, it will naturally take more time compared to running the query in Neon SQL Editor because we are calling the APIs in a separate Go code.

Additionally, I can also improve the handling of different types of queries in the SQL file. For example, currently, we have support for comment handling, but I can also add support for handling unformatted SQL queries, etc.

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