Question regarding free tier compute time usage limit

Good morning, new to working with creating my own DB and I have a silly question regarding the free tier usage limit.

Tracking on the dashboard that it says " The Free Tier grants 100 hours of Active time per month for all computes. Exceeding this limit, non-primary branch computes are subject to suspension. The primary branch compute remains available."

Just looking for confirmation of what happens if I am only using a single(main) branch and I reach the 100 hours compute time limit? Will my Next.js app hosted on Vercel no longer be able to read and write data from my Neon postgress DB?

Thank you for your help.

If you reach 100 hours of active time for the month, your primary branch compute remains available. Your app will not be affected by the limit if your database runs on your primary branch. Only computes associated with branches you have created are subject to the limit.

For example, if you reach 100 hours of active time for the month, the primary branch shown here remains fully available. Only the dev1 branch would be affected. Keep your app data on your primary branch and you won’t run into any issues with respect to this Free Tier limit.

Hope this helps!