Pg_graphql extension support

It would be awesome if the pg_graphql extension could be supported by Neon — now that the extension has reached stable 1.0 status.

IMO this allows the db to tap into the large graphql ecosystem. Also writing large queries with multiple, nested joins is easier in Graphql syntax than SQL.

Related Github issue: Epic: Support pg_graphql extension · Issue #3096 · neondatabase/neon · GitHub

Hi @NickSRandall, thanks for the suggestion. What do you expect from the integration of this extension? Is having a Postgres extension with resolve() enough? Or you expect HTTP interface to be exposed too? (with auth, I guess)

Yes, the “resolve” function would be all I expect.

I do think there is value in some of the other supabase plugins (like jwt/auth) but I think that would be outside of the scope of this request.

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pg_graphql was merged into main. Next week it will be shipped to production.

pgjwt extension is available on production.