Not possible to install pg_embedding extension

We are trying to run


However it fails with:

ERROR: permission denied to create extension "embedding" (SQLSTATE 42501)

We have tried will all our roles and also created new roles from scratch. None of them seem to have permission.

What could be the issue?

Other extensions seem to work. We could install pgvector like so:


But we cannot install pg_embedding for some reason.

While there are still some embedding articles, it has been replaced by vector as our selected vector search extension.

You can always list the available extensions:

select name from pg_available_extensions where name in ('embedding','vector');

OK, so do I understand you correctly that pg_embedding is effectively deprecated and cannot be used anymore?

In that case it’s very poorly documented - It’s still featured on the main website:

Also running this query:

select name from pg_available_extensions where name in ('embedding','vector');

Shows “embedding” as available, yet it cannot be installed due to missing permissions.

Hi @Steffen_Stratz,

I apologize for the inconvenience. The PRs for the changes in the docs and on the website were pending approval, and you caught this right before we were about to publish it.

Here is the link to the docs:

As @Brendan mentioned, we are prioritizing pgvector over pg_embedding for new users willing to use HNSW index. Both extensions have similar search performance, and some of our users found it confusing to choose between them. Therefore, we have decided to contribute to pgvector moving forward.

The extension would still work for existing pg_embedding users. However, we encourage everyone to migrate to pgvector.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you @Raouf_Chebri and @Brendan for the clarification! I agree, now that pgvector supports HSNW, it makes much more sense to concentrate the efforts on one extension.