Neon local install, release build, change PG version from 14 to 15?


I’ve managed to get a local Neon cluster (release build) up and running.

I’ve noticed that it defaults to choosing PostgreSQL version 14 and I would like to change this to version 15.

I played around with the help functionality

[pol@fedora neon]$ target/release/neon_local pg start --help
Start a postgres compute node.
 This command actually creates new node from scratch, but preserves existing config files

Usage: neon_local pg start [OPTIONS] [node]

  [node]  Postgres node name

      --tenant-id <tenant-id>      Tenant id. Represented as a hexadecimal string 32 symbols length
      --branch-name <branch-name>  Name of the branch to be created or used as an alias for other services
      --timeline-id <timeline-id>  Timeline id. Represented as a hexadecimal string 32 symbols length
      --lsn <lsn>                  Specify Lsn on the timeline to start from. By default, end of the timeline would be used.
      --port <port>                
      --pg-version <pg-version>    Postgres version to use for the initial tenant [default: 14]
  -h, --help                       Print help information
[pol@fedora neon]$

and to change it, I tried things like :

[pol@fedora neon]$ target/release/neon_local init pg-version 15
error: Found argument 'pg-version' which wasn't expected, or isn't valid in this context

Usage: neon_local init [OPTIONS]

For more information try '--help'
[pol@fedora neon]$

but, no joy!

How would I change this? Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me on-list!

The default version of PostgreSQL in neon_local is hard-coded to v14, but we’re working on updating that to v15.