Neon integration with Strapi

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to present you our open-source neon adapter for Strapi CMS. This plugin enables you a seamless integration in your Strapi development process making use of the neon branching feature.
The plugin is creating branches automatically based on your current working git branch and is propagating the neon connection string.
Checkout the plugin here: GitHub - trieb-work/strapi-neon-tech-db-branches: Strapi plugin to connect the Postgres database using the neon API 💾

A blog article (in German only) can be found here: und Strapi: Ein moderner Ansatz für Feature-Branching von Datenbanken

We are looking forward to get feedback from the community :slight_smile:

I would love to use this, but I can’t even seem to connect to NEON from the local environment because getting SSL require errors. Adding the sslMode=require to the URL doesn’t work.

Could that be the reason no one is responding to this? Because from the looks of the code you did great work!

Maybe nice to add a section to the README how to use Neon for strapi in the first place.

The key trick is to add :
ssl: {
require: true

Thanks for the feedback @nicknijenhuis
I have added ssl.require to the default DB config the plugin is setting, since this is mandatory for neon DB.