Missing Privacy Policy / GDPR

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We are really enjoying testing out NEON and are mulling options for a new product shipping early next year but one of the biggest blockers for NEON currently is any sort of Privacy Policy and GDPR conformance. Maybe I’ve missed it but I couldn’t find any policies beyond the security page linked on the website.

I understand things are still in tech preview so I am just flagging this as a blocker for us and raising that the sooner a solid policy is available the more likely we are to be able to commit to NEON.


Hi there,

Great question and you make an excellent point. We will be publishing our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (including how we work with GDPR) this week. This will be publicly available on our website.

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That’s brilliant news, thanks for the update.

I look forward to checking it out once it’s available publicly later in the week.

Was this ever addressed? Can’t find anything about GDPR compliance in the Neon site.

I also can’t find anything on the website… It’s currently preventing us from using neon in production

Hi Doug,

You can find Neon’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the bottom of any of our public web pages. Here is our Privacy Policy for convenience.

Regarding GDPR, Neon is GDPR compliant and allows its users to be compliant by, for example, choosing the location of where data will be stored.

If you or your team have additional compliance questions feel free to reach out to me at atli@neon.tech!