Issue with Prisma when connection pool enabled


I’m trying to run my app presently deployed on Vercel with supabase backend to Neon. But faced following error during build.

prepared statement "s0" already exists when connecting

I can see similar issue reported on other platform

is there any parameter I need to pass for connection string when using pooling?

Do you have ?pgbouncer=true added to your Prisma database connection url? This is the error that occurs when you don’t.

@ neon team - this would be ideal to add to the Prisma guide at Connect from Prisma to Neon — Neon Docs

I also would recommend this article: PgBouncer FAQ

It is said that prepared statements must be disabled because PgBouncer doesn’t track them alone.

Thank you adding pgbouncer=true to the connection string seems solved the issue. Thanks for the comments
Thank you Neon Team for the great product, really happy so far…