Issue with Prisma branches following your Neon tutorial

Hi there,

I started using Neon yesterday and tried to follow your YouTube video tutorial called: Database Branching with Neon API.

(My project is made with NextJS 12.3 with Prisma 4.8)

In the minute 9:00 you create a new git branch and automatically a new Neon branch is created on the Neon console dashboard.

I tried to do the same but it did not happen. The git branch was created but the Neon branch did not. Comparing the response in the terminal in your video vs. my terminal, they look different.

Your video tutorial:
git checkout -b my-branch
Branch my-branch created
Branch id is br-rapid-sun-471605

My console:
git checkout -b my-branch
Switched to a new branch ‘my-branch’

So, my question is if I need an extension in VS code or another extra configuration in Neon or Prisma to follow the branch tutorial and get the same results.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @heydev,

Thanks for your feedback. In the video, we showed a demo of a prototype we are currently working on that uses git hooks (post_commit hook) that makes an API call to the database to create a branch.

Here is the link to the API
You can create an API key from the console under Account → Developer Settings.

Is it a feature that is important to you? I’d love to understand your use case better to see how we can help.

Please let me know. Thanks,