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Say hi and tell the community about yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, I’m xqbumu from github.

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Hi, my name is Hudson Lanier. I am here because I heard about you guys at Joe Emison’s presentation on serverless at NYC Serverless yesterday. He was saying to check you guys out for serverless Postgres, and that really caught my ear because I am in the process of moving away from Heroku. I applied for the β€œget early access,” but haven’t heard back. Is there something I need to do in addition? Briefly about my app that I need it for, it is my startup, and it is a personal trainer web app for musicians. In short, you tell it a list of deliverables that you want your performance to have, and it puts your through a progressively challenging β€œworkout.” Nice to meet you, everyone!

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Hi! I’m Neelesh, a Staff Software Engineer at dbt labs. Curious to use Neon. Thanks for opening up this community.


Hi @nssalian ,

We are big fans of dbt and are using it as the backbone of our analytics stack! Welcome to the community.

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I’m Mohamed Saif (0xsirsaif), a student majoring in computer engineering who wants to advance in the field of system programming, particularly databases.

Hey @0xsirsaif , welcome! If you have any feedback about using Neon, feel free to reach out :smile:

Hey @Mahmoud nice to meet you!
Not yet; a week ago, in my efforts to put some work into open-source for a DB project, I discovered Neon (and some other new databases) and really would like to stay in touch with its community, so if there’s a chance to help me get my first PR, that would be fantastic! :blush:

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The documentation is always a good place to start for a first PR. If that’s of interest, consider reviewing or testing content on our docs site: What is Neon? β€” Neon Docs
If you find something that can be improved or corrected, please submit a PR against our website repo, which you can find here:
GitHub - neondatabase/website: Official docs and website for Neon.

The Neon documentation is located in /content/docs/

Thank you for your interest in Neon!


hey :wave:
my name is Alex, I’m a co-founder of, we build headless TypeScript ORM and other OSS libraries
We’re currently preparing examples of you can use our ORM with Neon database in any serverless environment supported by Neon

would love to gather some feedback and you can reach me out @_alexblokh on Twitter!

Hi! I’m shivling, a software Engineer currently freelancing. Just came across while searching option for RDS services. Now i have created database and integrated with application. Wow what a smooth expereience!. I am curious to use Neon and to know what it is going to offer in future. Thanks for opening up this community.

Hello, I’m mahdi ruiz, i code with html, css, javascript, python, and php