Integration with other providers


Do you plan to provide integration with other provider, like GCP that will go very well with CloudRun as it can scale to zero ? If yes i would be happy to test on eu-west1 (Belgium).

There is also in France Scaleway who provide knative as a service and can also scale down to zero. They have an object storage compatible S3.

Thanks a lot to work with community !


Thank you for the question, @flibustenet ,

We do plan to launch on other providers, this is on our roadmap for the next year.

Is it a technical constraint (not already tested on other providers) or commercial ?

Hello, sorry for reply the old posts.

I am the maintainer of OpenDAL, a data access layer that enables users to efficiently retrieve data from different storage services in a unified manner.

Do you think it’s a good idea to add Gcs or Azblob support for Neon? I am interested in submiting a PR for this.

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