I'm writing a tutorial on Neon on semaphoreci.com

Hi folks,

My name is Tomas. I´m a writer at Semaphore CI/CD and I´m currently writing a tutorial on Neon database. The tutorial covers the basics, shows all the benefits and a few examples. I´m also exploring how to integrate it with CI/CD.

I was wondering if someone on the Neon team would like to review the draft before publishing. We will promote the article in various ways, and if you like it you could help us by retweeting or sharing the article on your channels.

Let me know and have a great week. My Twitter handle is TomFernBlog and DMs are open.

Hey Tomas! I’ll reach out on Twitter :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you. I realized I made I mistake: twitter handle is TomFernBlog

No worries. Just DMed you :). My handle is thisismahmoud_

You can the tutorial here: