How to merge branches together

Is there any way to merge branches together? Like if I have a main branch and a development branch, how can I merge the development branch into the main branch and get the schema changes?

Hey! We don’t support merging branches at the moment. You will need to reapply the changes you made in the development branch to your primary branch. You can automate this process as part of a CI/CD pipeline.

Can you share more details about your tech stack? How are you connecting to Neon, and how are you handling migrations?

I’m also curious if you’re working in a team setting. Have you encountered an issue where several developers make schema changes that might affect each other?

I came here looking for this discussion. Ability to merge branches will enable a “GitHub for datasets” like product that can be amazing. So much of programming effort in many sites and apps is all about curating a dataset collaboratively, and with a good collaborative app for dataset curating/editing, all of that can be eliminated in one swoop.

There are some projects which have attempted to build something like this but no good solutions yet.

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