How to connect Neon from another machine by using psql

I searched the forum and googled, couldn’t get answer, so try to ask in forum :slight_smile:

I built Neon from source and running fine.
I tried to connect Neon(connect from localhost no issue) from another machine but got :
$ psql -p55432 -h -U cloud_admin postgres
psql: error: connection to server at “”, port 55432 failed: Connection refused

I am pretty sure there is no firewall blocking this.

I were thinking might can start Neon listen on all IPs. also tried to find pg_hba.conf to make change but can’t find the file.
Could you advise how to connect from another machine? thanks

pg_hba.conf can be found in /etc/postgresql/xx/main where xx is the version number.
See Install and configure PostgreSQL | Ubuntu for detail on connecting externally

good, thanks for tips.
I do searched for the pg_hba.conf file, but use fdfind / , find nothing.

From command line also not able to identify which config file is using:

target/debug/compute_ctl --http-port 55433 --pgdata .neon/endpoints/main/pgdata --connstr postgresql://cloud_admin@ --spec-path .neon/endpoints/main/spec.json --pgbin /home/bob/code/neon/pg_install/v15/bin/postgres

/pg_install/v15/bin/postgres -D .neon/endpoints/main/pgdata

Could I just create those config files Neon can automatically pickup ? or can specify in command line when launch postgres?