How do you install Postgis extention?

Hi there,

Super excited to get going with Neon. I am wondering if it is possible to install the Postgis extension so I can work with geospatial data.

I can see that the plpgsql extension comes pre-installed, but I can’t seem to install Postgis. See:

Any help greatly appreciated!




Hi Ben,

PostGIS extension is WIP and will be released roughly within one month.
Stay tuned!

Thank you,

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Awesome! Great to hear. Thanks!

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Hey Ben, w’re about to test Add postgis & plv8 extensions by zoete · Pull Request #2298 · neondatabase/neon · GitHub - so it shouldn’t take much longer hopefully!

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Hi @futurebenmorris,

You can now install PostGIS with the usual CREATE EXTENSION postgis statement which you can also run directly from our SQL editor (picture below).

Please reach out with further questions around our support for PostGIS or any general questions about getting started with Neon. Good Luck!

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