Free tiers inside Pro plan

I could find the information on the pricing page. Is the free tiers still deducted when we start a Pro plan ? Or do we need to keep a free tiers account for small testing for example ?

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Hi there! I’m not sure I completely understand. When you upgrade to the Pro plan you get access to autoscaling, unlimited projects and branches, configurable compute, etc. In the Pro plan there is currently no free consumption and everything is billed for based upon consumption.

Does this help?

Yes, my question was about free consumption in Pro plan. To know if we still keep for example 1 shared vCPU with 1 GB RAM for free. I understand that’s not currently.

@Atli_Cervantes, to clarify, the problem is when someone decides to upgrade to the “pro” plan, they now have to pay for things they previously got on the free plan.

That’s unfriendly pricing.