I am very excited about what Neon is capable of doing.

Do you think it’s possible for Neon to run on Recently, Upstash Redis Serverless services started running on the same Fly infrastructure leveraging Fly Machines.

This allows Fly applications to connect to the Redis instance within the same infrastructure using the Fly organization’s private network, drastically reducing latency.

That’s Fly’s managed Redis solution, using Upstash.

What if you come to an agreement with Fly to make Neon the managed PostgreSQL solution for Fly?

I would love to see something like that.

What do you think? Would something like that be possible?

Maybe I’m dreaming too much.




We were also thinking about such integration, indeed that would be a nice fit. Now we are mostly focused on our own service – uniform underlying infrastructure allows us to work more on the features. At the same time we received a bunch of requests regarding hosted Neon in multi-tenant environments as well as integrations like you just described.


Thanks! I will look forward to it someday

Please consider this a +1 for integration. That would be awesome and the two platforms feel like they could be a great fit.

Also +1-ing. An integration like they have with Upstash would be awesome!