Feature Requests to Guard My Money :-)

Just started working with Neon, first learning about it because it’s the Postgres solution Vercel has embraced. Two things I noticed right away that I’d like to see as enhancements:

  • Protection of the master account with MFA, preferably multiple, including FIDO keys as well as a backup MFA
  • Spend limits. Once the limit is hit, the performance should throttle back to Free Tier levels. With public cloud, I sometimes lose a lot of sleep worrying about some security compromise costing me $1000s from some lowlife stealing access to my services.

My apologies if these capabilities are present and I’ve overlooked them.

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Hey @jackfrosch, welcome! :wave:

These two capabilities are not currently available. I shared your feedback with our Product team.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or run into any issues :smile: