Feature Request: Reset branch to parent branch

Is there a way to reset a branch to its current parent branch state?

I’d see a use case where each of our developers has their own develop branch where you can play and test new migrations on. If you screw up during development, it would be great to be able to reset the branch back to where you started from without having to delete and create a new one. Is this already possible?

The reset capability you describe is not currently available, but it is one we’re considering. In the meantime, creating a new branch is relatively easy. We support creating and deleting branches via the Neon API: Create a branch

You can also expect to see support for a CLI in the near future that would make branch deletion/creation very simple.

Thx @Daniel, for the answer. This feature would be great since I have to propagate the new database connection string everywhere when deleting and recreating a new branch. It would be great if I could reuse it.

E.g. all developers could use a dev branch which is reset from the main branch every night with a cron job. Now, all developers would need to get the new connection string in the morning.

Thank you, John. This feedback is appreciated.