Feature Request: Automatic Version Uprgade

Is automatic version upgrade of Postgresql in the roadmap? Manually exporting and then importing the data from one version to another is quite a hassle for complex schema.


Hi @izznatsir !
We don’t have a date for this yet, but this is on our list.
Were you looking to upgrade from version 14 to 15?
Did you manage to upgrade?
Is our guide helpful?
Don’t hesitate to share the tips and tricks for it with us and with the community? :slight_smile:
Thank you,

Glad to hear it’s on your list!

I haven’t tried it yet. But if this feature is implemented, I don’t need even need to think about it in the future. For me at least, ease of data migration across versions and regions that require no manual steps is one of the main consideration of using Neon.

hi @anna.stepanyan

Is it already possible to share any update on this? Maybe you guys are already working on this.