Enable PG_CRON extension

Hello everyone.
Is it possible to enable pg_cron extension for auto-sleep disabled databases?

I’ll ask about this internally and get back to you. We explicitly chose not to support pg_cron per the docs (Supported Postgres extensions - Neon Docs), but for databases with auto-suspend it could work.

@merkdev we’d need to consider some edge cases before we could reliably support pg_cron, so it’s unlikely to be supported in the short-term. For now, we suggest creating a cron externally, e.g on your application host(s).

Is there a specific use case you have in mind that requires pg_cron as opposed to running a cron on another host?

@evanshortiss Thank you for your response. “pg_cron” is more stable and more reliable than any external http request mechanism. I know, it’s hard to implement when it comes with branching with pg_cron tables but i just wanted to ask.

I don’t want to explain my use case publicly. But I can create a ticket for it and explain all the details.

Thanks again.

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