Does one have to use node-postgres for AWS Lambda


Thank you for allowing a free tier for, it really helps for work to show off that it’s worth switching over to Postgres/neon.

I am writing a small demo that uses AWS Lambda. And the guide says/recommends node-postgres/pg. However I’m wondering if it’s also possible to use something like: GitHub - porsager/postgres: Postgres.js - The Fastest full featured PostgreSQL client for Node.js and Deno ? Mainly for the tagged template literal support.

Or is node-postgres the recommended way because of some technical reason?

Hi @zetashift

Did you figure out if using sth other than node-postgres is possible?

Hey @dpkreativ, you should check out the Neon Serverless Driver!

It is a low-latency Postgres driver for JavaScript and TypeScript that allows you to query data from serverless and edge environments over HTTP or WebSockets in place of TCP. You can use it to connect from AWS Lambda to your Neon database.

Let us know if you run into any issues :smile: