Did something break in the SNI workaround using the password field?

My test application is configured to embed the endpoint in the password field, as per the docs. This used to work, but now it’s failing with “ERROR: password authentication failed for user ‘***’”. I have not made any changes to the configuration. Any help appreciated.

hmm, this is odd. We haven’t made any changes as far as I know. I’ll check in with our engineering team.

In the meantime, could you try resetting the password and see if this fixes the issue? You can do it from the “Connection Details” widget.

Thanks for getting back to me, @Mahmoud. I think I’ve figured it out. It appears we no longer need any workaround, not sure why - perhaps someone in my team updated our DB library to a newer version. It appears that the password is interpreted literally when SNI is not required. I guess that’s why the password workaround is listed as a last resort!

Glad to hear that the issue is fixed!