Db_url not being shown in the CI (https://github.com/neondatabase/create-branch-action)

I am trying to get the db_url param from the above CI for create-branch but its giving me empty result in it. below is what my github workflow file looks like:

      - uses: neondatabase/create-branch-action@v4.0.0
        name: Create Neon branch
        id: create-branch
          project_id: ${{ vars.NEON_PROJECT_ID }}
          branch_name: ${{ env.BRANCH_NAME }}
          api_key: ${{ secrets.NEON_API_KEY }}
          username: ${{ vars.NEON_DB_USERNAME }}
          password: ${{ secrets.NEON_DB_PASSWORD }}
      - run: |
          echo ${{ steps.create-branch.outputs.db_url }}
          echo neon branch_id ${{ steps.create-branch.outputs.branch_id}}
          echo neon host ${{ steps.create-branch.outputs.host}}
          echo neon db_url ${{ steps.create-branch.outputs.db_url }}/${{ vars.NEON_DB_NAME }}

in above ${{ steps.create-branch.outputs.db_url }} is giving empty output.

Hey @omi !, welcome :smile:

Sorry to hear that you’re running into an issue. Do you mind sharing more details? Are there any additional logs?

Could you also share your project ID? This way we can investigate on our end

My project ID is: misty-hat-416245.

We are trying to run this command neon db_url <db_url>, which fails coz db_url is getting empty.

Is there any specific information you are looking for?

Hey! So we checked the logs on our end, and it seems you don’t have access to this project.

Are you working in a team setting? If yes, then the project owner must share the project with your account. This can be done in the “Grant access to your project” section in your project settings.

Let us know if this solves the issue

Hey Mahmoud, Thanks a lot, the above issue is being occurring on the github CI which do have the access.

Why do you think I am not having access to the project?

Are you using your own personal API key in the GitHub action? Or did the Neon project owner share it with you?

Its the neon project owner’s API key. he only setup the above github CI. it was all working fine until now, We were using beta release of action, but suddenly it stopped working yesterday.

So I just checked with our Engineering team and we pushed a fix a few hours ago. Do you mind checking if you’re still running into an issue?

this should be - uses: neondatabase/create-branch-action@v4

Hey Thanks, yeah it was fixed yesterday.

Awesome! Feel free to ping me if you run into any issues or have any questions.