Database transfer?

I have been working on a project for ahwile, would there be anyway to transfer a database to someone else?

I understand I could just have them create their own account and database, and from there I just restore from a backup and set new .env urls. But was curious.

Hey! @Headless

Welcome, and apologies for the super late response. Transferring project ownership is something we plan on supporting eventually. It’s possible, however, to share your project with another Neon user. Manage projects — Neon Docs

Haha sorry for the longest reply ever.

Sadly my use-case is that I worked for this guy at one point and the database is no longer owned by me but its under my account. We could just create a new database under his account and clone the db and put it on the new one. But we would also need to then change urls in our applications.

Is there still no way to transfer?

Transferring data is the only option at the moment. You can check out this guide from our docs