Data transfer cost on free tier?

Hi there

I am wondering, do you have to pay for data transfer (outbound data) on the free tier, at your advertised rates (on this page)? Or is it free, and if so is there a limit?

I’ve noticed other cloud database providers often have bandwidth limits for their free tiers, e.g. with Supabase’s free tier it looks like they allow 2GB of data egress per month, so that’s why I’m wondering.

Thanks if you can help.

Hello! Currently there are no fees associated with the free tier. If we do decide to make a change to our free tier, in the future, we will give proper notice to any and all affected users.

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Thanks for your reply, appreciate it a lot.

Would you happen to know if there’s a limit for outbound data transfer on the free tier? I can’t find one in the docs, but maybe I just haven’t found it. Thanks if you happen to know.

There is currently no limit on outbound transfer in the free tier.

I see, that’s good news. Thanks very much for your answers, I appreciate it.