Connection Timeouts with Prisma 5.2.0 - Neon DB only becomes active after timeout

I’m using Neon with Prisma 5.2.0 (Latest Version) and I’m having this really weird issue where Neon will only start spinning up the database after a connection attempt has timed out. I tried increasing both the pool and connect timeout to 30 seconds but still after 30 seconds the DB was not spun up. It was only after it had timed out that the DB switched to “Pending” and then “Active” this effect is not fixed at 30 seconds but always happens only after the connection attempt has timed out wether it be a 30 second, 60 second, or 10 second timeout. Does anyone know why this is happening? For now I adjusted the auto suspend time in Neon to 6 hours so it doesn’t break in production but this is obviously rather problematic.


Hey @maxall4 ! Sorry to hear that you’re running into an issue. Do you mind creating a support ticket? This way, our team can take a closer look.

To create a support ticket, click on “Support” from the sidebar, choose your project, and provide the details you shared here.

Yeah, that’s similar to the problem I’m having but I’m using Drizzle. It’s not a problem with the ORM most likely, it’s a problem with Neon itself.

Did you manage to get it fixed?