Connection Error: Endpoint ID is not specified

I’m trying to connect using PgBouncer. But I got

FATAL: Endpoint ID is not specified. Either please upgrade the postgres client library (libpq) for SNI support or pass the endpoint ID

I went through this link.. But still not able to get it up and working.

This is my pgbouncer.ini

tgpt = port=5432 dbname=dbname user=myuser password=mypass 

ignore_startup_parameters = extra_float_digits
listen_addr = *
listen_port = 6432
auth_type = md5
auth_file = userlist.txt
server_tls_sslmode = require
pool_mode = session
max_client_conn = 2
default_pool_size = 1
logfile = pgbouncer.log

Got it working.I was skipping project=.

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Awesome! I appreciate you sending an update :smile:

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