Connect to Data Studio / Looker Studio

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I migrate from heroku recently on my project with hasura, but now I don’t have metrics about my SaaS, is possible to connect to Data Studio? Some idea how?


Hey @Pblfer, apologies for the late response. Were you able to figure out how to connect to Data Studio?

I personally don’t have experience with the tool, but from my understanding, you can create a new data source and choose the Postgres Connector.

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Checked that it works, you need to choose PostgreSQL connector and specify host/database/user/password as usual. The untrivial moment is to check ‘Enable SSL’ (neon forces it) and attach server cerificate file, as Looker forces verify-full. So download here
ISRG Root X1 Self-signed .pem file and attach it under ‘Server certificate’.


The ISRG Root X1 Self-signed .pem file certificate file is found here:

This is what the configuration looks like:


Thanks, now I have my dashboard working, :rocket: :metal:

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Excellent! Thank you very much!:+1: