Compatibility with Kafka-connect and RLS policy

I am curious about whether Neon is compatible with our current tech stack:

  • Hasura (recently announced)
  • Kafka-connect/Debezium (Postgres as both sink and source)
  • RLS policy from Postgres

I tried creating a policy using Neon but it returned error
postgres=# CREATE POLICY t_policy ON t USING (value = current_setting('permission.role')); ERROR: could not read block 4 in rel 1663/13010/2704.0 from page server at lsn 0/016A5CE0 DETAIL: page server returned error: Failed to reconstruct a page image:
Thank you in advanced

For the RLS policy, I found my own issue that I didn’t compile neon_walredo, so the error was the file was not found
2022-12-19T01:48:02.477548Z ERROR handle_pagerequests{tenant_id=94660dfd1a71d47d8365f1b888e65bb6 timeline_id=de83f54919a59dfb00cb70a5521cf57b}:handle_get_page_at_lsn_request{rel=1663/13010/2704 blkno=4 req_lsn=0/16A5CE0}:apply_wal_records{tenant_id=94660dfd1a71d47d8365f1b888e65bb6 pid=271332}: wal-redo-postgres: 2022-12-19 08:48:02.477 +07 [271332] FATAL: could not access file "neon_walredo": No such file or directory
But i’m still waiting for the answer on kafka-connect